Brooklyn, NY: Abortion Doula Training

By International Placenta & Postpartum Association (other events)

Sat, Jun 23 2018 9:30 AM Sun, Jun 24 2018 3:30 PM


IPPA is excited to debut our abortion doula training in Brooklyn, NY March 24-25, 2018! 

An abortion doula is someone that provides emotional and educational support and advocacy during and after an abortion procedure. 

Our training equips you with the knowledge and empowerment to hold space for someone that is seeking to terminate their pregnancy, regardless the reason. You will learn how to provide different kinds of support for different situations, how to be present and meet your client where they are at, you will be able to support them before, during the procedure and once they are home. We will teach you specific comfort measure skills for after care so that you are helpful to your client. We also will cover reproductive justice, laws, counseling, clinic protocols and procedures, post abortion nutrition, how to integreate these services into your community and how to become involved with the clinics as well as self care for the doula. 

Topics Covered:

-Stigmas around abortions

-Laws and Regulations

-Access to Care

-Follow up provider care

-Threats and dangers of working in an abortion clinic

-Providing support to a myriad of situations

-Non-clinical methods of abortion

-Counseling during pregnancy

-How to be most effective as an abortion doula


-How abortions are preformed and what to expect as a doula

-Home care (belly binding, uterine health, breast/chest care, emergancies post abortion)

-Nutritional support

-Accessing and creating community resources

-How to get involved with your local clinics

-Intregreating services into your community

-Self care for the doula

Training is from 9:30-3:30 EST both days. Certificates of completion will be given at the end of the training on day 2. Please register with the name you wish to have on your certificate.

Facebook LIVE Option: We will be creating a private, closed group for those that would like to attend, but cannot in person. We will have a Facebook Live feed running throughout the entire training (sans lunch) and someone managing it and addressing questions. 


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